Different water prices

Different water prices

  • Water price of Malaysian price
  • If the price is cheaper, it will be the same price. 0.95 Stabbed back 100 baht. Should waste 100 baht. Loss can be 100 baht.
  • If the water price is a negative sign and has a red color, it means that in the event that a large amount of money is paid, the price will be reduced by -0.50. Tank 100 baht (refund 50 baht). Waste tank is broken 50 baht. If received 100 baht.
  • Water price of Hong Kong price (Water price will be all black prices)
  • In case of loss, 100 baht เกมยิงปลา UFABET will be lost in the total amount. For example, 100 baht is lost.
  • 1.35 Tank 100 baht, get ball 100 baht, get 135 baht (not including fund 100 baht)
  • Water price for European price (The water price will be all black)
  • In the event of a loss, the full amount paid, for example 100 baht, should be lost 100 baht.